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Plan B by Pete Wilson May 4, 2010

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I joined booksneeze – a book review website that sends books out to individuals in exchange for an honest review – quite some time ago, but have not actually done a review until now.  I read ‘Plan B  – What Do You Do When God Doesn’t Show Up the Way You Thought He Would?’ by Pastor Pete Wilson of Cross Point Church in Nashville, Tennessee.  Plan B is a book that any man or woman can relate to.  Pete Wilson uses God’s word to show us that while we may have a plan for our lives it may not always be God’s plan for our lives.  Pete goes on to show that our Plan B has actually always been God’s Plan A for our lives.  He uses real life situations, some from his own life, to draw the reader in.   As we travel through the book we travel through Biblical history and realize that even long ago men and women alike struggled with many of the same things we struggle with today.  Pete shows us that in the times that we feel as though God has deserted us or put us on the back burner He is actually using the very worst times of our lives to draw us nearer to Him, through our total surrender to His will.  Plan B is an easy read that does not beat around the bush.  The author is straightforward without being unnecessarily harsh.  I believe anyone would benefit from reading this book, even those not currently suffering through trials. It brings to light the fact that we all have asked   “Where is God when I am hurting?” and what we can do to prepare for those “down” times in our lives by reminding us to trust God, that He does have everything under control – especially when we feel out of control.  I greatly enjoyed this book and am certain that I will refer to it often throughout my life experiences.


Thankful For Easter April 13, 2009

So I was just reading a blog that was posted as  a ‘hawt’ blog regarding atheism and Hitler.  I gotta say it makes me thankful that I am a believer in the one true God.  I cannot imagine being without the hope that our heavenly Father gave us when he gave up his one and only son to become our sin  and to take the punishment for our sins.  How depressed would our society be if  we had no hope for a future after death?  Can you imagine what it would be like if this world was the best we had to hope for?  I am so thankful for my relationship with God and so appreciative of the sacrifice He made for us.  I cannot imagine the pain He must have endured while His child was beaten, ridiculed and crucified.  Think about how you feel when you see your child’s feelings hurt or you hear of how someone made fun of them or said cruel things to them.   It hurts my heart to think that my kids might be rejected by others simply because they love as He loves us.

Thank you Lord for the sacrifice you made to atone for my sins.  Thank you for being willing to forgive my sins.  Thank you for your compassionate loving son.  Thank you for the chance to reach out to others in your name.  Thank you for surrounding me with friends who love you and for putting them in my path no matter how much I may have veered from your original plan for me.  Thank you for giving me children who recognize you  and love you.  Thank you for giving me a husband who is willing to obey you especially when he doesn’t want to.   Thank you for giving me the Holy Spirit who places conviction in my heart when I am making choices that do not bring glory to you.   I ask that those who do not know you will cross the paths of others that do know you, that you will soften their hearts and that they will answer when they feel that tug in their heart.  I pray for Mark who does not believe you exist, I ask that you put him in the path of  Christian after Christian who will show him through their actions who you are and what following you means, I pray that you do not allow his heart to be hardened to you anymore than it is already and that he will come to know you and begin a relationship with you so that he may reap the rewards that you have promised your children.  I praise you and ask these things in your sweet son Jesus’ name. AMEN.


The adventures of Puke girl and Locket Boy – Continued April 4, 2009

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Okay, so Puke girl is not exciting but she is a mystery, for some reason the darling little thing cannot seem to shake a virus that only strikes every couple of days and we know it is not motion sickness because she is running low grade fever on the days her body decides to rid itself of everything she had for breakfast.  Weirdly enough it is happening at almost exactly the same spot on the way to school. Her older sister,  who is being oh so helpful, throws thing at her to puke in while not looking at her and covering her ears!

She missed Spirit day at school after episode 3 with the virus : (



The Adventures of Puke Girl and Locket Boy

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My youngest child is Will a.k.a Locket Boy.  He came to be known as this in our family due to the fact that he could not resist putting a locket that had fallen off of his sister’s necklace into his mouth.  My cousin had to do the heimlich on the little stinker and he began trying to swallow as soon as the panic set in!  The locket went down rather than coming up and decided to stay lodged in my boy’s stomach for 13 days and 16 hours until it was removed by a wonderful pediatric g.i. doctor with a surgeon standing nearby (just in case) under general anesthesia.  The following pictures are pretty unbelievable but I assure you they are actual x-rays of my boy’s insides!!

On a side note Will has also come to be known  as the “King of  Hearts” since the day after he swallowed the heart locket he went and got dressed in his Valentine’s Day shirt that says King of Hearts across the chest….the kicker here is that he can’t read yet and has no idea what the shirt says : )


Previously on Mom of Superheroes…

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As string chick approaches mom she begins yelling ” I ran into the string and I can’t breathe”  Mom at once knew exactly what string chick was referring to…the string that had been wrapped around the fence posts that uncle Chancie and Pepa had put in the ground the evening before.  As string chick takes her hand away from her throat mom sees that she is purple with red streaks from collar bone to chin!!!!  At once, Mom completely flips out and begins yelling for Aunt B to tell Pepa and Uncle Chancie that we are going to the hospital as she basically throws string chick to the ground just in case she decides to pass out do to what mom thought was a ridiculous amount of internal bleeding.  Aunt B proceeds to run out the back door and begin yelling to the men folk  ” Amber is bleeding on her neck, she ran into the string!!!!”  Pepa in turn starts to panic just a little – imagining what must be going on inside. As he comes through the back door he stops abruptly and looks like he can’t make up his mind as to what to do next while looking from the ground to the front of the house.  At this he yells “my shoes are muddy!!”  Mom tells him in not quite so nice words ‘its okay just get in here!!!’  As Pepa rounds the corner and poor little string chick is becoming increasingly terrified and asking us all if she is “going to die?”  Pepa realizes string chick has nothing more than one GINORMOUS rope burn!!!!!  We were all incredibly relieved and everyone except for string chick started giggling.  Uncle Chancie, upon realizing everything was okay, had run back outside to check the levels on the posts and then came back inside and gave everyone the thumbs up!  The mystery was solved String chick had literally clotheslined herself thus forever becoming known as string chick!!!!!

Oh yeah, and Mom’s first question to String chick when she saw her neck was “HOW BIG WAS THE STRING?!?!?!?!?!?!?!”

Sadly, I did not keep my cool during this crisis.  Here’s hoping I stay calm, cool and collected the next time one of my kids tries to take themselves out with two fence posts and some nylon string!!


So I’m the Mom of Superheroes March 26, 2009

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So, this is my first blog post!!!  And I happen to now be the mom of three superheroes.  It’s a long story, so I’m gonna break it up a little.  It all started on spring break.  Monday, March 16,  my oldest, Amber, hereafter known as string chick, was out riding her ripstick – in ballet flats no less – when mom (that’s me) tells her to “get in the house and put some tennis shoes on!!”.  Mom then runs inside the hose through the garage door.  She turns teasingly and gives a little laugh just before locking string chick out of the house.  upon entering the house mom then runs to the front door, since of course she knows string chicks next attempt will be there.  String chick is once again greeted with an evil chuckle from mom just before the front door is locked.  Mom,  knowing the only way left for string chick to infiltrate the house is through the back door, amusingly looks on because the back door is locked up nice and tight.  A few suspenseful moments pass with no sign of string chick……mom goes to the back door anticipating the arrival of string chick.   Still no Superhero…mom goes back to the front door and listens, then cautiously opens said door.  Upon opening the door mom sees string chick running toward her with a terrified look on her face and her hand clutching her throat……………To Be Continued…….